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Todd Proctor - VicRoads Pre-Testing

Master the Eleven VicRoads Test Criteria.


VicRoads Pre-testing & Defensive Driver Training

Hi there, I'm your local accredited driving instructor.  I live and work in Melbourne Eastern suburbs and have helped thousands of young drivers to learn the secrets to help them pass the VicRoads driving test on their very first attempt.

I operate the only driving school in Melbourne that is dedicated exclusively to teaching you everything you need to know to pass the VicRoads driving test quickly and easily, and get driving on your own asap.


Individually Tailored Practice Tests

Your VicRoads practice tests will be individually tailored to suit you and own personal learning style.  I will teach you how to master each of the 11 VicRoads Drive Test criteria and how to feel confident and ready to pass on the day of your driving test.

I also teach defensive, safety and risk awareness techniques.  My unique teaching perspective promotes driving with ease and confidence - be it locally, the CBD, or any city in the world.

Based on 28 years of experience in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, local racetracks, and also in the US and Europe, my teaching style is structured, step by step, calm and patient.

Specialising in Anxiety Mitigation Techniques

Anxious or worried?  Many others are too, even licensed drivers!  The techniques I use to teach road safety awareness and advanced observation have helped hundreds of students to minimise their anxiety while driving in any situation. 


You'll learn the tools needed to foster and develop a unique mindset - so that you can drive safely with a wider focus and awareness, and feel relaxed and unpressured every time you get in the car.

Pre-Testing: Learn VicRoads Criteria & Testing Secrets

Learn the VicRoads Task and Stage Assessment Criteria, and what is expected of you on the VicRoads drive test for each of the test components:

- Observation

- Signalling

- Gap Selection

- Speed Choice

- Following Distance

- Lateral Position

- Parking Observation

- Parking Movement

- Leaving Parking

- Turning Movement

- Vehicle Control


Learn how to pass your drive test on your very first attempt, how to exceed the VicRoads licensing requirements, as well as life-saving defensive driving techniques.

Have Questions?

- Just Ask.

Send me your queries anytime via or just use the webpage chat feature.     - Todd.  


2019  Reviews

“Had my test yesterday and passed!  Thank you so much for everything.”

Jess,  Hawthorn East


-  Todd Proctor DRV Driving School Ashburton.